Justin Munger

About Justin
Justin Munger is a fee-only independent financial advisor.  His focus is to build strong, long-term relationships with each of his clients, assisting to grow, protect, and pass their net-worth.
Justin has been working as a financial advisor since 2002 and seeks to understand each client's financial needs, whether they are planning to purchase their first home or approaching retirement.  His understanding of client goals, combined with access to over13,000 mutual funds, all available publicly traded stocks and Exchange Traded Funds, and many actively traded programs gives Justin the tools needed to design and build an individualized and well-rounded financial strategy.
Justin also collaborates with other top professionals within areas such as: banking, lending, realestate, legal work, tax preparation, etc.  Because financial plans often change, Justin personally contacts each client for annual face-to-face meetings.  This level of personal communication and dedication to his clients goals separates Justin from others in his field and has been recognized several times by media sources such as the Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine naming him one of the top Wealth Managers in the Twin Cities.
Justin Munger has a legal fiduciary responsibility to his clients and always works for what is in their best interests.
My Services
Life Insurance
There are many different life insurance companies all claiming to be the best or least expensive.  Justin can compare 26 of the leading life and annuity companies to find the right company, product and coverage for you and your loved ones.  He specializes in both term and permanent life insurance with living benefits that you can use in your lifetime.
Actively managed account or one that focuses on strategic allocation?  Individual Stocks, ETF's, Mutual Funds?  Long term investing can be filled with many difficult decisions.
As an independent advisor with endless investment strategies at his disposal, Justin's focus is not on any one product.  Instead he learns about your investment knowledge and risk tolerance.  From there he works as a guide educating and leading you through these complex options.
Financial Planning
It’s time for a financial strategy that puts your needs and priorities front and center. Getting to know you is Justin's primary goal, as this allows him to create a financial strategy that reflects your personality and vision. 
Adaptation and flexibility are very important as life changes and goals are reached. As priorities change, so should your financial plan.
Strategic Relationships